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My homeschooling calendar/tracker

So while spending a lot of time in the car today, I was busy in the beginning stages of planning out the school year.  I home schooled my son for a little over a year but enrolled him in school part way through the year last year (being overwhelmed while pregnant and with 2 foster placements).  This year I was planning on HSing my daughter in kindergarten and then next year pulling my son out as well and HSing them both.

But over the last few weeks I’ve been feeling the desire to pull him out and HS him too.  After talking to him about it, and expecting disappointment because he LOVES school, he was all for it.  I think finding out that I was planning all kinds of cool stuff and that so many of his friends are HSed too made a big difference.

One of the things that came out of my endeavors is this Blank planning schedule.xls.  So you know, when you click on the link, it should download it to your computer.  With all the work I put into it, I’d love for others to be able to use it.  Basically, it’s a weekly schedule with a hour tracker on the bottom.  On the very first tab (week 1) you want to enter your school start date.  It will then update all 53 tabs with the correct date.  If you think you will want to use this in following years, be sure to keep a blank copy saved to your computer.  You can start your school year whenever you want, I’ve decided to track July-June, though we won’t be starting to really do school full-time until September.

On the bottom of each tab is an area where you can track your hours.  Every state is different, but in the state of Missouri, you have to reach 1000 of school each year, 600+ in core (math, reading, science, handwriting, spelling) and 400 can be in non-core (art, music, bible, theater, PE, etc).  And then, of the 600 core, 400+ has to be in a structured setting (at home, a class or co-op) and the rest can be in field trips.  That’s why I have it broken down at the bottom.  The beautiful thing about the table, is that whatever you put in, it will update on all the following tabs, so you can see how your hours are building from week to week and know if you need to get more hours in.  You can change the colors if you want different ones, but if you’re not familiar with excel I wouldn’t mess with that table or any formulas as it will affect all future tabs…

My plans for this is, I’m putting in all reoccurring things like church (I’m counting sunday school as non-core since it’s structured and has Bible, music and art), story time at the library and our art and PE co-op.  When I learn about field trips I’m adding them too.  Then I’ll use the chart for my lesson planning where I can add in when I plan on teaching certain subjects.  I can plan out when I plan on taking school off.  If during the week I end up tweaking things, doing more or less, I can change it as I go.  At the end of the weeks I’ll add up the types of work we did and then I’m printing it for a paper back-up (my aunt has had her school records get lost when her computer crashed…).  It’s formatted to print to a standard page, and I’ll 3-hole punch it and store it in a binder.  I’m a very visual person, so I plan on shading everything we do for school, but that of course is optional.  Each section on the calendar is 0.5 hours, so I can easily add everything up!

So, I’m really hoping that this file share works, and I’m really hoping someone else can benefit from my craziness at making a file exactly like I want it.  🙂

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