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Get Healthy to Lose Weight

I’ve been seeing this quote lately: “Don’t lose weight to get healthy.  Get healthy to lose weight”.  If you’ve read my post from a year ago, Trying My Hand at Weightloss Advice, that quote pretty much summarizes it.

There are many reasons why I’ve decided to write a follow-up:

  1. It’s that time of year, getting ready for swim-suits, ugh.
  2. It’s been a year since I wrote my post on weight-loss.
  3. Accountability to myself over successes and failures.
  4. I’ve read so much more and love to share!

I’ll admit it, it’s our culture and the desire to be thin that had driven me to lose weight most of my life.  I have never been happy with my body.   Convenience food had driven what my family and I ate.  Until 2 years agoI had no desire to have an active lifestyle, and I still struggle in this are. While I have only done a few of the fad diets, I’ve felt and experienced the yo-yo on my body.

I thought being healthy meant denial, insane exercise, bland foods.  I thought weight-loss came strictly from calorie input being less than physical output.  There are partial truths in these statements, but being healthy is a lifestyle.  It does not come from fad diets, from denying your body what it craves, or from pushing your body to it’s physical limit through exercise.

I realized that I could write one long post on everything I’ve learned.  But who wants to spend an hour reading a book online?  I know I don’t have time for that.  So I’m going to write a series on weight loss from a whole foods, healthy living perspective. I can’t promise that I’ll get it done as frequently as I’d like or have a regular posting schedule.  I’m a homeschooling mom with an energetic almost one-year-old.  But my goal is 1-2 posts a week on little steps you can take, tips I’ve learned, successes I’ve had, and encouragement for others.

I’m writing these for the frugal, health conscious person who realizes that fads don’t mean sustainable weight-loss, pills usually aren’t healthy, and health is more important than the number on the scale.  And most importantly, these tips are things I learned while feeding a household on the same principles while either trying to conceive, being pregnant, or nursing exclusively.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional.  Be sure to check with a health care provider to ensure that these are safe for you, especially if you have a pre-existing medical condition, are pregnant or are nursing. 

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5 thoughts on “Get Healthy to Lose Weight

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  3. I’m working on losing weight (postpartum) and, like you, know that it’s more than just a diet – it’s a lifestyle. Before having kids, I didn’t struggle with either my weight or image, but I watched my mom deal with those and find a healthy lifestyle for herself and our family. Then I moved out… had kids… turned to food to deal with stress/loneliness/etc… and now I’m trying to get back to the healthy habits my mom taught me. Thanks for sharing your journey and tips! 🙂

    • That’s been the hardest part for me. I love my mom dearly, but my sisters and I grew up with her constantly dieting. And being a larger family with a small budget, we grew up on lots of canned fruits and veggies and lots of added sodium in processed dinners. The biggest struggle for me has been learning what actually is healthy, and to create a positive body image as I always grew up seeing my mom struggle with it.

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