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This week has been interesting

I thought I’d share some follow-up on my progress with trying to take care of myself (emotionally, physically, spiritually) from: Do you ever find yourself stretched too thin?

I identified a few areas I can cut back (or out) to spend more time either in church or with my family.  Deciding to step out of helping in the 2’s & 3’s classroom was fairly easy since I have no kids in that class (and I think I help in every other classroom!).  I think we will also stop serving in the infants nursery during the church service since that is one of the most popular service areas and won’t feel our absence too greatly.

Thankfully at the end of this school year the boys I babysit will be moving, so that one takes care of itself.  What’s hard with this one, is my family does depend on the income from this, so I’m debating on finding another child or two to babysit part-time.  One thing I will do next time though, is charge a fair price.  I WAY undercharge for watching these boys, mostly because it’s a single-mom friend who is doing her best to take care of her boys.  While I don’t regret the decision and would do it again in a similar situation, if I ever babysit again I will make sure I make more than $5-10 a day!

While the absence of these things (starting in the summer) will greatly help my stress levels, I still probably need to identify 1-2 other things to cut back on.  This area is really hard for me!

On Monday, I wrote down everything that had been running through my head that needed to be done around the house.  This one really helped.  I found myself so much more productive around the house when I saw listed out what I wanted to get done.  It also helped me get a few things done this week that I’ve either procrastinated on, or forgot when I had the time!  I’m not sure if a daily list will become a regular thing, but a weekly list is definitely planned!

Tuesday was a crazy blur, I don’t really remember how that day went.

On Wednesday, I went out with some girlfriends for karaoke after the kids were in bed!  It was so fun to just go out with the girls and laugh and sing and dance and lose track of time.  Though when I did get home 2 hours later than I planned on, I was met at the door with an upset baby and stressed husband.  Why is it that the only time the baby wakes during the night is when mom isn’t there?!? Poor dad had texted me a few times, but due to a combination of a new phone and a loud room I had no idea!

On Thursday, not only was I wiped out from a late night, but we also had a big snowstorm.  So our usual homeschool class was cancelled which freed up the day.  I also had the 2 boys I babysit, but their mom was back after a few hours.  I also had my husband home with me, and since our internet went out he was able to help me with a few projects since he couldn’t work!

The biggest thing we did this week (on Thursday) that I think will really help me long-term is move the baby out of our room and in with his big brother and sister.  While him going to bed last night was a little rough, it will get much better once he’s used to it.  Last night was the first night in over 18 months that I’ve slept without a baby in the room with me (yes my son is 10 months, but we had a foster baby before that)!  I slept great!  Even though most of those 18 months had a baby that slept through the night, there’s something about those baby noises and rolling around that keeps a mommy awake.

And I’ve made some progress in Bible reading this week.  Monday I spent a full hour.  Tuesday I realized in the afternoon that I never found the time in the crazy day, so for next week I’ll have to find a time to schedule it since that’s one of my crazy days.  Wednesday I forgot.  Thursday I got 10 minutes in with everything that was going on, but that wasn’t a normal day and I foresee there being issues just like on Tuesdays, so I’ll have to schedule that too.  And I spent 30 minutes today.  I need to make this a regular thing!!!

I ate fairly well (with a few splurges).  I still need to find (okay, MAKE) time to exercise.  We need to figure out a good bedtime routine so that evenings with my husband are more relaxing.  Tonight we have a sweetheart banquet and tomorrow is a trivia night, we love these!

And the biggest thing this week that hopefully helps is I got a new phone (replacing my 5 year old phone that I loved but was starting to malfunction).  It’s my first smartphone, and hopefully I can use the calendar and organizer to stay on top of things.  I’m using today to update everything from my 2 paper calendars into there.  I also plan to use the organizer to keep track of projects and such.

So yay!  Last week was horrible, this week has been pretty good.

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