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Yesterday I had the pleasure of participating in my youngest son’s dedication.  We did this in following the example of Hannah (dedicating Samuel) in the Old Testament and Mary and Joseph (dedicating Jesus at the temple) in the New Testament.  I think that dedication is a beautiful thing in it’s displaying the intention of raising your child in a christian home.  It also shows the parent’s willingness to give their child up to God in His will for that child’s life.

Following the dedication, I had added joy of witnessing my oldest son’s baptism.  I realized this morning that it was almost exactly 7 years following his dedication when he was a baby.  The pride of seeing his spiritual maturity at 7 years old build into his desire to be baptized in obedience to God’s commands in the Bible is amazing.

This is the testimony he shared just before being baptized:

“My whole life, I’ve grown up with my mom and dad telling me about Jesus, and how he is God and came to earth to die and rise again to save people from their sins. But for awhile, I was scared of dying and of hell. Mom and Dad were always ready to talk to me about being afraid, and how Jesus died for me and has saved me from my sins, so that I don’t have to be afraid of dying.

A few months ago, there was a missionary at church who talked to me when I was afraid and we prayed to God to forgive me of my sins. We prayed that Jesus would forgive me and that I can go to heaven when I die.
I am being baptized today, because in the Bible it says to ‘believe and be baptized and you will be saved’. I know that Jesus died for me and forgives me of my sins, so I am obeying the Bible and being baptized today.”
It was all I could do as a mother to keep from openly crying.
I also loved how our church makes it a “community” event.  During the dedication and baptism, they asked 2 people in the congregation to pray for our children.  One of my daughter’s friends, who is 4, felt the desire to pray out for my son’s baptism.  This was her prayer:
“Dear God, thank you for this day, thank you for this year and thank you for J getting baptized. Amen.”
I am so thankful for my biological family, my husband’s family, my friends and my church family who all shared in this day with me.  I can’t wait for the day when my other children follow God in faith and obey his command of belief and baptism as well.

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