A mom who likes to live outside the norm

You never know…

…when you’re going to go.  Where you’ll be.  How it will happen.  Even who you’ll be with.

You can know where you’re gonna go.  You can affect how your family and friends will remember you.  You can choose to be at peace about the situation when the time comes and bring peace to your loved ones.

I’ve been thinking about all this over the last 24 hours.  Yesterday I found out a friend of mine passed away.  I didn’t know him very well, more of a superficial friendship where we had little conversations about work, kids, church.  My husband knew him better as they’d gone through a Sunday School class together.

But even with that small friendship I had, there are several things I know for certain.  He loved Jesus.  He loved his family.  He loved a lot of people and a lot of people loved him.  He worked hard to provide for his family, despite the poor economy and not being able to find enough work.

A few things really struck me about the whole situation that really make it hard for me.  He was only a few years older than I am.  He had young kids.  He had a family dependent on him.  There was no warning that anything was wrong.

But even with those things of being so young and leaving behind kids, I know for sure that if I could choose how I’d die, there are several similarities I’d want.

He spent his last day in a wonderful way.  He went to church, smiled and chatted with acquaintances, joked with kids, and even accidentally got “punched” when someone thought he was someone else!  He spent the day with his family and friends.  And even though he had to go, it was quick.

I want to be able to see everyone important to me, and let them know that I love them.  I want to see my church family and hear God’s Word and be reassured of God’s promises.  I don’t want to drag on or be afraid of the end.  I want to go in a way that my family isn’t worried about pain and suffering.  And I want them to be reassured, like we all are with Jose, that I love my God and savior and am with Him, and will see them again.

Because that’s the biggest thing I get out of this.  Yes, his family and friends will miss him and expect him to come walking around a corner or come home from work, and there will be sadness when that doesn’t happen.  But they can know where he is and that they can see him again someday.  That’s the ultimate thing any child, parent, friend or relative can want: knowing that their loved one is with their Savior and that they will see each other again.

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