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If you’re like me, you’ve been struggling with the issue of modesty.  I’m a very curvy girl, so it’s even harder to try to keep areas covered and yet feel somewhat stylish.  Add to that nursing accessibility (and extra to my curves) and it’s a nightmare.  The other day I wore one of my favorite tops from pre and during pregnancy, and was horrible embarrassed when I realized I was basically falling out when I was away from home.  I always enjoyed how it wasn’t too form fitting and was easily accessible to nurse…too bad it’s so low cut.

I found a new company today: Mikarose.  Too bad I’m so broke, or I’d go broker there!  The offer modest, yet stylish clothing.  Thankfully my birthday is coming, I think I’ll be spending any money I get there!

I just thought I’d pass it on to you ladies (and husbands).  I think it’s awesome that there’s a company that’s whole purpose is to be modest, and yet stylish.  It seems like they’ve been mutually exclusive for too long.


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