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Camping at Chick-fil-A!

So, today we are camping at Chick-fil-A so that we can earn free chicken for a year.  Basically, if you are one of the first 100 people to arrive, and you stay for 24 hours, then you get 52 meal coupons!!!  If you want more info, go here: CFA First 100.

As you can see, there were a ton of people.  My husband has done this before, but this was my first experience with it.  We arrived at the location at 5:40, and by 6:00 when the arrival cut-off happened, there were 112 of us.  We had friends coming to join us, but they didn’t pull onto the lot until 6:00, so when they got up to the line at 6:01 they were sent away 😦

Since there were over 100 of us, there was a drawing.  It got a little nerve wracking as the numbers kept getting picked, but my husband and I were still waiting.  His number was drawn for slot #73, but I was still waiting.  By the 90’s my heart was racing, and finally in slot 99, I was picked!!!  Here’s my armband!

After all of that stress, we went into the restaurant and filled out waivers, etc.  Then we were able to get our stuff out of the van and get our tent set up.  We’re now living in a tent city until 6am Thursday morning (total of 24 hours), and then we get our coupons!!!

Thankfully today is not supposed to reach a record high, but it’s still supposed to get near 100.

Along with getting our meal coupons, throughout the day they feed us (and our minor kids), and there will be games and raffles throughout the day.  And, there’s lots of kids here, so we’re not the only wackos that brought them.  I think we have the youngest baby though.  Thankfully he’s sleeping soundly in his pack n play with his fan blowing on him!  I’m counting on the fact that he’s a good sleeper for tonight!  Poor guy looked so shocked when I rolled him out of bed at 5am (he usually sleeps until after 8), and then I (gasp) didn’t feed him until we got here at 5:40.

Now we’ve got a full day of crabby kids (I’m really hoping not) and playing games.  I’m also hoping no protesters show up…

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5 thoughts on “Camping at Chick-fil-A!

  1. ….and why we weren’t allowed to at least be kicked out via drawing (which would have been fine with us, actually)….is beyond me….

    • Yeah, it was pretty frustrating that you guys had to leave after arriving 1 minute late. If there hadn’t been 100 people it wouldn’t have been an issue because you’d still been in the first 100 people. I think it cam down to that if you would have gotten in, and someone who’d gotten there early hadn’t been even an alternate, it would have caused issues. They had to make this hard and fast rule a few years ago when this whole “first 100” thing started a few years ago when they’d have people come and camp out for days beforehand. They didn’t want people there that long, and they wanted to make it fun and a festival. I just wish you guys could have gotten there 2 minutes sooner! There was this lady who was on the lot in time, but didn’t make it into the line until just when you pulled in that PO’d a ton of people since 1 person who didn’t make the drawing and had to leave. Her getting in made that one person leave. While you guys are upset, I think there would have been a lot of dirty looks and comments if they’d have allowed you to stay. Not sure which is better.

      • Yup, no argument there. We were frustrated by a lack of “grace period,” since it was a lousy minute. Wouldn’t want to kick other people out, but having the chance would have been nice. Ah well.

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