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A year ago, God blessed me with this little boy.

Wait, isn’t he 3 months old?  Why yes, but God blessed me with him a year ago.  Almost exactly a year ago, God started forming this little miracle.  After almost a year of trying and basically giving up, I remember realizing that I was pregnant!  It was really weird actually.  I was sitting in the science center with my daughter, my friend and her son.  I caught a whiff of her son’s 2 hour old cheeseburger and then all I could think about was getting myself a cheeseburger.  I told her how I thought I might be pregnant.  On the way home, I stopped at 2 different burger joints to get myself a cheeseburger, because the first one wasn’t enough.  Within a week I was so nauseous I barely wanted to eat anything, but that’s a different story.

It’s just amazing to me how individual cells from 2 different people can be knit together and duplicate and grow to form a human being.  How even just that initial grouping of cells has everything needed to grow and form.  How at such an early age there’s a heartbeat, arms, legs, eyes and ears.  How my body was designed to carry and feed this little human and after he’s born my body is designed to carry and feed him in a different way.

So just under a year ago I found out about this little one.  About 9 months ago I got to feel him move for the first time.  8 months ago I found out he was a boy.  3 months ago I did it and brought my little one into the outside world naturally after having 2 previous c-sections.  And way too soon, we’ll be celebrating his first birthday, starting school, and moving away.

This last year has gone way too fast.  These past 7 years of parenthood has gone way too fast.  I thank God for the blessings he has given me, and the time I get with them.

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