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My review of Pixar’s “Brave”

This weekend, my family went to see Brave.  It follows Pixar’s standard of amazing animation, wonderful voice talent and a wonderful message intertwined with an entertaining storyline.  View the trailer here.

For me, the best part was that it was set in the highlands of Scotland.  If you’re like me, your favorite books are historical fiction in Scotland, Ireland or Britain.  Instead of having to imagine it, I saw the beautiful scenery and heard the accents instead of imagining them in my head!

Instead of the typical “villain” storyline, the main pull of the story is between the mother and daughter and how both of them just want the other to really listen.  Yes, there is a witch in the story, but she’s not the bad guy, she’s just a character in the story that does what the daughter thinks she wants.

The positives:
1)  There is a strong family bond.  The father, though he provides much of the comedy of the story, is a leader and role model.  The mother, a loving nurturer who wants what she thinks is best for her daughter and is a follower of tradition.  The daughter, though she disagrees with her mother, is mostly respectful and does love her family.
2)  No bad language.  I’ve noticed a lot of cartoons lately slip the “not so bad” words in.  But as far as I can remember, there were no words used that I wouldn’t let my kids say in front of anyone.  They did in typical Pixar fashion have plenty of jokes that were there for the adults, but it wasn’t of the Shrek variety that would make me cringe if my kids figured them out.
3)  The overall storyline promotes communication in the family.

The negatives:
1)  Though not a huge one, this is one that is really for older kids and their families.   I think most of it was over the head of my 4 year old.  It’s not the typical princess movie with pretty dresses and romance.  It goes deep, and unless your kids are well behaved, they may not be able to sit still and follow the storyline.
2)  Magic.  I personally had no problem with it, but if you don’t like it, this isn’t the movie for you.  It is not overdone or obnoxious like in some movies, but fits well into the storyline and era of the movie.  It is displayed in the stone circles that are still seen today in the British Isles, blue “wisps” that I guess are similar to fairies, and an absentminded witch/wood carver who it seems only has one spell that she does for all the manner of “needs” for her clients.  She is actually a small role, but what she does affects the whole story.
3)  There’s nudity.  There were quite a few bare bottoms.  It was shocking to me at first, though of course, funny.  It’s men in kilts…  It’s not necessary to the storyline, so it bothered me a little.  So if you have a problem with your kids seeing bare bottom humor, it’s there.

Overall, it’s another high quality production put out by Disney/Pixar.  Not sure if it’s one that I’ll run out and buy as soon as it comes out like I did with Toy Story and Monsters (I owned those before I had kids!), but I would definitely see it again.  It definitely has an older feel to it.  I honestly forgot I was watching a cartoon as far as the overall themes and storyline went…plus the animation was of course, amazing.

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3 thoughts on “My review of Pixar’s “Brave”

    What I liked about this “princess” movie was that there was no prince at the end. She was never “saved” by a prince, never fell in love, but what did happen was reconciliation with her mother.. and that was kind of cool. I’d still like to see a princess movie where the princess has a great group of girlfriends (I guess Tiana was the only one who came close there)…

    • Oh I know! I love princess movies, but I don’t like how they all have romance. I love that there was a princess who just got to be a princess, learn from mistakes, and be loved by her family!

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