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What a legacy

This year, my parent’s church is celebrating 100 years of ministry.  They’ve done some neat things so far, like a carnival, having former and retired pastors preach, and hosting a great conference from Answers in Genesis.  But my favorite is a display/exhibit they have set up featuring wedding dresses from people who’ve been married there over the last century.

What’s really awesome about it, is my family has now had 4 generations of people married there.  I just wish I would have known in time and gotten my dress in there.  Sadly, my mom didn’t put hers in as well, but I understand why as mine hasn’t been cleaned since the wedding either.

Of course, these are my favorites. The first is my paternal great grandma’s dress from her wedding in 1908.  It’s actually from before this church started, but one of her daughter’s wore it as well.  And then there’s my paternal grandma’s dress.  She and my grandpa were married in 1950.  Also in display were their wedding pictures.  I just wish that my maternal grandma’s dress was also in the display, and she wishes now she would have pulled it out.  Her wedding was the first in the current church building about 53 years ago. My aunt also wore her dress when she was married about 20 years ago.


It’s awesome to think of all the families that were joined together over the last 100 years.   It was amazing to see the history in the dozen or so dresses displayed and read about the families that came about from those weddings.

So thank you to whoever came up with the beautiful idea, I sure appreciated it!

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2 thoughts on “What a legacy

  1. Pat Westhoff came up with the idea of displaying the wedding dresses. She is a member of our church (Our Redeemer Lutheran Church in Overland, MO) and she is also a member of the Overland Historical Society. She had 12 mannequins and so the first 12 who got their dresses in were it! (We had lots more dresses that could have been available, but not the room nor the means to display them all.) It was a really cool thing! And, I enjoyed seeing those dresses 🙂

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