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Had a bad visit at the pediatrician

So, until today I’ve totally loved my pediatrician’s office.  At our 1 month visit he wasn’t too thrilled that we decided against the Hepatitis B vaccine.  But he seemed to at least understand since our son wasn’t at risk and just had us sign a form saying we opted out.  He also sent me home with some general info on vaccines.

We had a long wait in the exam room, but part of that was my nursing when the nurse first came in, and she had to come back.  But when the Dr peeked in later he didn’t see our chart so he left and was gone at least 5 minutes before coming back…

I was expecting some discussion about vaccines again, but I wasn’t expecting a basic confirmation that we were denying, and then some harsh silence.  He made a comment that “we may need to move you to a different pediatricians office, we see a lot or whooping cough here”.  My husband and I made eye contact, and later realized that it felt like a veiled threat to drop us as patients.  I understand that he prefers to vaccinate, but as a parent, doesn’t he also understand the desire to do what you think is right for your kids?

I fully expected a conversation ensuring that we understood what our decision meant.  But I had to bring up that I’ve done a lot of research on the risks of the diseases, at the previous appointment I mentioned that I feel that we are low risk and that I’m uncomfortable with the side effects of the vaccines compared with the risks of the diseases for our situation.   He gave off the vibe that he felt that I was basically insane and it wasn’t worth the argument.

This is a huge disappointment.  I understand that Drs see the worst in an illness, but they should also do research on all sides of what they recommend and understand where parents are coming from.  And they shouldn’t totally shut down on you when they disagree.  I mean, there are warnings on the medication labels for heaven’s sakes, they should be willing to understand my concerns and discuss them.  They should ensure that I’m doing actual research and not just listening to scare tactics.

And I just now realized they didn’t give me any of the normal paperwork talking about how big my kid is growing, and recommendations for the age he’s at.  I guess I’m too wacko to waste it on.  I’m kinda sad because I like to read the lists of what is normal, and what should concern you at certain ages.  I’m really hoping it was an honest mistake.

On the plus side, my baby is growing well.  He’s nice and strong, developing well, and is right on track with all, and even ahead of some, of the 2 month milestones.  He’s also gained over 5 lbs since he was born, well above the recommended ounce a day…I feed my kids cream 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Had a bad visit at the pediatrician

  1. “we may need to move you to a different pediatricians office, we see a lot or whooping cough here”

    If he only wants to see patients that are vaccinated, whooping cough shouldn’t be an issue… oh, wait. 🙂 They don’t like to talk about the fact that a lot of these vaccines aren’t providing immunity. We’re on a delayed schedule with my youngest daughter due to her adverse reactions and I’ve decided we’re holding off on any other shots at least until she’s two. We go in tomorrow for her 15 month visit and I’m prepared to duke it out. Good for you, momma, for sticking to your guns.

    • And, does he really think that all these kids with whooping cough aren’t vaccinated? He knows that most of them are. In fact, a statistic I recently read (though I know it’s probably off a little) is that 87% of whooping cough cases are in those fully vaccinated and in 6% partially vaccinated, leaving only 7% that are non-vaccinated. I like those odds. Plus, this shows how ineffective vaccinations can be, especially with diseases that can mutate. Shouldn’t we be focusing on ensuring kids get healthy diets and build strong immune systems naturally? Vaccinate for things like MMR, Polio (though I have issues with the ethics of those and don’t think those are that bad in most cases), and save the others like chicken pox and flu for those with compromised immune systems. Pushing vaccines on all kids will only force these diseases to get worse (like anti-bacterial soaps and sanitizer has done to bacteria) and weaken immune systems.

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