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Your Birth is my favorite

I read something similar the other day and was inspired!

Jeremiah, your birth is my favorite.  You are my firstborn. After being afraid that I would have a long journey becoming pregnant, I was so excited to become your mommy! In the last month of my pregnancy, I constantly thought you were coming and actually made 2 trips to the hospital where they sent me home!

The night before I went to the hospital I couldn’t sleep because I knew that you’d be coming. We went to the hospital early in the morning to induce you. During the day, so many of our family members came to visit. But you had to do things your own way and it ended up turning into a c-section. You were born at 12:12am.

When we went into the recovery room everyone was there, even at 1am! They were so excited to see and hold you.  Even though being separated from you for a few hours was hard when you went into the nursery to be checked out, it was so wonderful when I got you all to myself!

Madilynn, your birth is my favorite. You were a little stinker and decided to be “wrong side down”.  Another c-section!

But it was so nice to go to the hospital, get prepared, and be holding you an hour later!  This time only your Uncle James was there right away, but pretty soon everyone was there to meet you.

I loved all the hair you had.  All the nurses ooh’d and ahh’d over how you were able to wear bows that clipped on.

Anthony, your birth is my favorite.  It was so nice to finally avoid a c-section!  You were so punctual, being born on your due date.  And you didn’t waste your time in making your appearance.  Just like with your big sister and brother, all our family came to meet you right away.

All the nurses were so impressed with us, doing it naturally after 2 c-sections. And just like with your big sister, everyone loved all your hair!

Foster Child, your birth is my favorite.  I am so thankful that your birth mom gave you life.  Even though your world has been hard, God has a plan for you.  I have been blessed to have even a short time in your life.  I hope that the time you spend with me impacts you as much as it has impacted me.

Future child, your birth will be my favorite.  Whether God decides to bless us through you being born by a c-section, in a hospital, at home or by another mother, I will love how you entered the world to bless our lives.  I look forward to meeting you and the first memories I’ll have of you!

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2 thoughts on “Your Birth is my favorite

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  2. How wonderful, I’ll have to remember this as our family grows:) And congrats to you momma for 2 c-sections, 1 natural, 1 welcome home as you are…you are blessed!

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