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welcome to my blog!

Well, I guess I just do the same thing here that I did on Facebook.  Most of my posts were pretty long anyway.

It’s been really hard for me lately.  I want to share what is going on in my life, share interesting articles and tidbits I find, but then I have to worry about someone thinking it’s directed at them.  I want to do something different for my family, but then I have to be afraid that someone will think I’m taking a stupid risk, or will hurt my kids.  I try to be careful about language and being offensive, but it’s been hurting me that actions like cleaning up my friends list is being seen as attacking someone.

This whole media age where everyone knows everyone else’s business, mostly because we share it, and then either people either using against them or attacking them for their feelings is horrible.  I disagree with people all the time.  But I can choose to not read it, not comment, to remove them from what I see.  It’s also so hard because words can hurt, and I know that I’ve said things that have hurt people, and I apologize if something I’ve said hurt you.  I think out loud, and the danger of thinking out loud on the internet is someone is going to take it the wrong way or think it’s directed at an individual.  I think I’ve let the straw that broke the camel’s back take the brunt of the the hurt that I was feeling.

And while I’d love for this to be some hugely followed and popular blog, I can foresee the danger.  I don’t know how to feel right now about things, I just need a safe place to share them.  So comment if something I said you agree with, or if you have an opinion or advice.  But if you don’t like what I said, either quit reading or disagree in love.  There’s too much hurt out there, and it’s the worst part of our condition that when we share our hurts we tend to hurt someone else unintentionally.


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