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Warning, this one’s personal and could be taken the wrong way!

Okay, this is my blog, with my opinions, so I’m gonna share them.

Guess what, I’m planning a natural birth!  That’s right, no induction, no epidural, no laying on my back (unless that feels good at the moment), no meds, no IVs, NO NOTHING!  I have a doula.  My wonderful husband wants to “catch” our baby, and we want the kids to cut the cord after we delay clamping it for 10-20 minutes.  It’s the best option I feel comfortable with after two Dr caused cesarean sections due to interventions, impatience and convenience.  I really want a home-birth, but decided to compromise a little.  But if this one goes well and God blesses us with another one, birth at home, here I come!

And after the baby is born, he’s not leaving my side.  No going to the nursery (I was separated for 12 hours with Jeremiah and 4 hours from Maddi with no good reason given), no eye cream or shots at the hospital, no formula (I still feel guilty for Jeremiah’s first feeding being formula because he “couldn’t leave the nursery due to low temperature due to the stress of the birth, blah blah”), and dare I say it publicly on the internet (though people would find out when they change his diaper anyway) I will leave this son intact.  I respect every parents decision to do what they feel is best for their children, but after research and discussion with my husband, I am doing what I feel is best for my child.  I am so thankful for my husband who listens to my opinions and that will talk to me about it, think about it and pray about it.

And my son will at a minimum be room-sharing with me, though I do intend to fall asleep while nursing regularly!  I don’t plan on doing full bed-sharing as I am such a light sleeper I have to sleep with the TV on and still take an hour to fall asleep.  I wish I had a King-sized bed and could do it more safely and not worry.

And I’m cloth diapering!  I loved it when I practiced with my foster baby this fall. I wasn’t filling landfills.  I wasn’t buying something just to throw it away.  I felt like a good steward of the world God has given us.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t support a great company when I need to.  I don’t know if anyone has seen this video, but it makes me cry:  I take road trips.  I forget to do laundry.  I have babysitters occasionally (okay, very rarely).  You have to support a company that takes a beautiful stance on every baby being special!

And I am researching every recommended vaccine and every bit of advice I’m given.  Thankfully (and sadly at the same time) I’ve been through this a few times before.  I’ve made mistakes.  I’ve got some regrets.  I’ve learned not to believe everything a Dr tells you just because he/she has an MD.  I’ve learned that often the old advice of great grandma is better than the newest findings.

And I’m going to do everything I can to be involved in everything my kids do.  I missed way too much with my first two by working full-time, putting my dream career (that turned into a nightmare) first, and making my marriage very difficult.  I will do everything I can to make one income work, and if that doesn’t work, we’ll go back to one car, we’ll sell some stuff, I’ll do more surveys online, or I’ll babysit.

I wish I was supermom and could follow my calling of foster parenting while also homeschooling my children.  Thankfully one of the biggest lessons I learned being home schooled myself is that all children will do well as long as they have parents that are involved and supportive.  So I will continue to homeschool while they’re young to give them a strong start in school. I will continue to be excited with school projects and go to everything I can at their school.  I will do homework with them.  If in the future we realize that they’d do better at home, well then I’ll do it.  I’ve just realized that (especially while pregnant) that you have to take care of yourself too and relieve stress where you can (especially if you’re adding it to your family!).

And the best thing I can do for my kids is modeling what I expect from them.  I should treat others as I want to be treated.  I should be careful about the words I use.  I should read my Bible more.  But I’m going to make mistakes.  I’ll use the TV as a babysitter (what do you think is going on right now, lol).  And I’ll lash out in anger.  But I can also admit when I’m wrong and try to make it right.

Parenting is rough.  Thankfully we are given grace when we make mistakes.  Even though things may not be as good as they could have been, they can still be wonderful.  When things are bad, I have 2 (and soon 3) wonderful kids to give me a hug, cry on my shoulder, tell me things are okay, and make me think about someone other than myself.

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8 thoughts on “Warning, this one’s personal and could be taken the wrong way!

  1. Elizabeth Heironimus on said:

    Sorry, I keep forgetting to bring you those Bradley books. I remember when I’m not at home or something, and then when I do have the time I forget. When are you due?

  2. Rachel Moore on said:

    So glad you are doing what you and Andy thinks is best I do not care what people do with their kids as long as both parents agree on whats happening I respect adults decisions. Good luck with the natural birth it scares me so to me you are very brave but I wish the best for you and Andy you guys are so sweet and have great hearts!! Let me know if you ever need any help I know my life is always going a mile a minte but I can lways lend a helping hand:)

  3. I will not lie: it was the hardest thing I have ever done (natural birth, that is). But oh, it was beautiful. Despite the immense pain, I look back on the whole experience and feel nothing but joy. And girl, I am a WIMP. If I can do it, anyone can!

  4. Andrea S. on said:

    Great post, Sarah! Rah rah, natural birth! And co-sleeping, cloth-diapering, homeschooling… 🙂 Keep them coming!

  5. Cindy Warren on said:

    Great post! I feel like I just had you at my house and heard some of your thoughts and concerns. I am so glad you are at home with your kids and for all you do for your family. You are a great mom. You and Andy make a great team. Love your ideas and enjoy reading your discussion on each topic.

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  7. Christy on said:

    Thanks for the encouraging thoughts…I have had 2 c-sections which I believe have been b/c of scared dr.’s…the first b/c of induction and the 2nd b/c they wouldn’t let me go longer than 9 days late and made me believe I had to get another c-section or something may happen to my child if I just kept “waiting” for him to come. If we are blessed with another, I think I am going the natural route as well 🙂 Continue posting your thoughts and experiences the Lord gives you.

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