A mom who likes to live outside the norm

About Unorthadox Momma

I’m a Bible believing, pro-life, homeschooling, fostering (and some day adoptive), natural, non-vaccinating and cloth-diapering momma.  I’m opinionated obviously, but I like to hear other’s opinions or I’d never grow.  I’m happily married to a wonderful Christian man who is supportive of me and my quirks, and I have 4 wonderful children who keep me very busy.

Recent Posts:
Child Finance

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I write about all the random things that matter to me and my family, money, food, natural living, homeschooling, God, my kids…  And yes, I know “Unorthadox” is spelled wrong.  The correct spelling was unavailable, and I thought it worked with the definition of unorthodox 🙂

I’ve tried to organize everything so that it’s easy to find the posts that may be relevant to you.  Thanks for reading!

Weight loss
Awesome Snack Idea
Follow Your Body’s Cues
Start Your Day Off Right
Baby Steps to Health
It’s okay to be imperfect
Get Rid of the Junk
Accountability Matters
You Have to Set a Goal
Get Healthy to Lose Weight
Just How Far I’ve Come
Trying My Hand at Weight Loss Advice

Why I do what I do
I’m going to let you inside my head

Homemade Homemaker Series
Dishwasher Detergent
Elderberry Syrup
Wound Ointment
Laundry Detergent

Another Nursing Story
Natural isn’t always easy: My nursing story
Do you ever find yourself stretched too thin?
Hard Parenting Moments
First Foods
Why do kids have to scare their mommas?
Ever thought of fostering?
God Blessed me with this little boy
My 4th Trimester is over
Favorite Week of the Year
Great talk with my Daughter
Your Birth is my Favorite
Enjoying the Changes
It’s Weird to Think My Son is Coming
My “Favorite” Part of Foster Parenting
Fostering is Rough

Natural Living
Why I Choose Not to Vaccinate
What’s the Right Thing to Do?
Now I’m Angry at Hallmark
Had a Bad Visit at the Pediatrician
I’m Going to Open a Can of Worms
Warning, This One’s Personal

Home Economics
How to clean your dishwasher
Plumbing Win
How My Family Lives on a Minuscule Budget
Homemade Liquid Soap
Homemade Laundry Detergent
Cloth Diapering

Child Finance
My curriculum free homeschool plan
My Homeschool Calendar/Tracker
Rainbow Rice
Homemade Playdough

Not all eggs are created equal
How to fatten up a pig – or – Why Americans are overweight
Breakfast cookies
Healthy Chocolate Cupcakes
More Dehydrated Food Yumminess
Dehydrated Onions
My Garden
My Bread Recipe

Natural Birth
My Home Birth Story
Read My Story on Modern Alternative Pregnancy
I Did It!
FYI, My Beef is with the Medical Establishment
What a Twisted Way of Avoiding Pain
This is How I Feel Exactly

My Beliefs
God definitely changes your writing plans
This week has been interesting
Restore to me the JOY
My mother’s heart is full
You Never Know
My Take on the Whole Chick-fil-A Thing
What a Legacy
If I Was Mrs. Noah

Random Stuff
The hardest part about yesterday
My grandpa passed late last night 
Camping at Chick-fil-A
My Review of Pixar’s “Brave”
There’s Nothing Worse
How Do You Even Do This?

Shares From Other Blogs
Dear Stay-at-Home-Mom
Great Thoughts on “Mommy Guilt”
Thoughts From an Extended Breastfeeder
What Does a Budget Have to do with God?

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